Monday, April 9, 2012

Please vote for me!

Holy Cow! I entered into Maxim's gamer girl contest that they are having!

I've always loved playing video games, ever since I was younger. I remember playing Mario and holding the controller upside down and not relalizing why I coulnd't play correctly... yes... game rage would come out!

Learning how to properly control the controller, I found my love of tomb raider, Kingdom hearts 1 and 2, mario, donkey kong, dead space 2, fallout, metal gear solid, and so many more!

Anywho, I entered into Maxims contest and I even went to their open casting call! It was AMAZING! I had to answer questions in front of a camera and got to play nyan cat! How fun!

Anyway... PLEASE VOTE FOR ME! It would mean the world to me!!
Click here to vote!

Also, you can see my hysterical video entry here: Clicky for the video

Your gamer, Katie


  1. YAY! Thank you SO MUCH! It means so much to me!!!! =)