Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Product of the day!

I decided to foucus on 1 product of the day, As to not overwhelm you on how much I can type, like in my last blog entry! hahaha

 For the 1st week, I thought I'd concentrate on the fatcha (face) and how to get that flawless raident glow.

1st up: PRIMER:

Primers are really the base for your makeup to adhere all day long. What the h-e-double hockey sticks do you need a primer for? Well, Think of makeup as your house.... say you want to build bricks... in order to do that, you can't just stick bricks together and pray for a non-windy day! You must apply the cement so that way the bricks last a lifetime!

My favorite "cement" erm... I mean primer is

This little guy leaves your skin, "poreless". haha! Almost works like when your covering a hole in your wall with plaster... this does the same for your pores!!! Goes on smooth and leaves your skin super soft!

Works wonders! Just make sure you throughly cleansed and preped your face before the primer... Otherwise, I think it feels grainy...

Porelessly yours, Katie

Monday, July 2, 2012

My daily Skin Care Regimen - All AMOREPACIFIC!

I've always received compliments on my skin growing up... What can you say? I guess it's that Irish porcelain skin in me ha-ha! But in January, I started using Amorepacific and my skin went from nice to beautiful! I get 20938201983092840938403 compliments on it all the time! So I thought I'd share with everyone my daily skin care regimen, so everyone can have perfect skin too!!!! =n_n=

I love using Amorepacific because we don't have ANY water in our products... your skin actually repels water... so having it in your skin care products, does nothing but take up space! In place of water we use Bamboo Sap, water lily extract, and green tea leaf water!

First Step: Cleansing

The Cleanser's are great because they DON'T have any detergents in it, so it WON’T strip your skin of its natural oils... (Once those oils are stripped from your skin, it starts to produce MORE oil! So while you think scrubbing away will help, you actually might be doing more damage!)


In the Morning, I'll use Amorepacific's Foam Cleanser. It's super gentle, and since my skin is combination... it works wonders! It also has vitamin E capsules in it... (Like the blue beads in bath and body works hand soaps) This cleanser is GREAT for getting rid of stubborn black heads.

How I use it:
First, I squeeze a pea sized amount into my hand (It comes out like a Clearasil consistency) then mix it with a bit of water, and it foams up like CRAZY! After, I'll massage it on my skin for about 20-30 seconds... and rinse off =)


At Night, I'll use Amorepacific's Oil Cleanser... This is great for BOTH oily and dry skin... now you may be thinking... WHAT? YOU EXPECT ME TO PUT OIL ON MY OILY SKIN!? But oils help break down other oils! It's like when you get an oil stain on your favorite shirt, (happened to me oh so many times!) To get rid of it, you'd rub MORE oil on it to remove the stain!

How I use it:
I mostly use this at night time, because it breaks down makeup wonderfully. (Or I'll use it on days when my skin is feeling dry) I use one pump, (which is like a quarter size amount - its consistency is like olive oil) Now, they say to rub this on just as it is... and then mix with water after... When I first used it, I mixed it with water first before applying it to my face, because it becomes a milky texture... I thought that would not frighten me of using it! Ha-ha! I'll rub it on for 20-30 seconds, and then rinse off...
Now, it is a cleanser, so you can use this to clean your skin and that's it... but sometimes, I'll use this first, and then the foam cleanser after.

Second Step: Exfoliating:

Exfoliating is important, as it removes the dead skin cells and impurities like blackheads. Doing it too often or using a harsh/abrasive exfoliator, can actually do your skin more damage than good... When you use products that are harsh on your skin like "grainy" exfoliators (even if you think it doesn't feel THAT rough... it is!) or scrub with a terry washcloth too hard... it can irritate the skin; causing more oil production and breakouts.


3x's a week, I'll use Amorepacific's Enzyme Peel. It's a non-abrasive exfoliator that works like little Pac-men... that "eat" only the dead skin cells... without "eating" your skin's surface layer. This is a great product, because when you pour it in your hands... it gives you the perfect size you need, and then stops pouring! (EXFOLIATING FOR DUMMIES #101! HAHA)

How I use it:
I pour the pre-measured amount into my palm. It comes out like a powder... Then, mix it with a bit of water and lather until it becomes super foamy! Rub it on for 20-30 seconds and rinse clean!

Third Step: Toning

Toning is super super SUPER important! Whenever anyone has problems with their skin, the first question I always ask is... "What kind of toner are you using?"  Not only does it balance your PH levels, but it removes any residue left over by tap water... such as mineral pollutions, etc. So the reason why removing this layer is so important is... think about it... your putting all of these nice creams on your face, but instead of it touching your skin... it's sitting on top that gross layer of pollutions.. YUCK! So when you remove that layer, you can be tap water pollution free and the creams you put on after can really penetrate into skin.


So for toning, I use Amorepacific's Hydrating Fluid. This is perfect for me, because my skin tends to get more dry than oily... this is kind of like soaking my skin in pools of hydration!

How I use it:
I use 1 pump, and rub my hands together, pat on my face and VIOLA! Instant hydration!

Fourth Step: Serum

Serums are optional, but great to use because they help the products that you put on after penetrate better into the skin, as well as make you use less of the creams you put on after. (HELLO, WALLET FRIENDLY HELPER!)

(I can't find a picture online, but it looks like the hydrating fluid bottle in silver haha)

I like Amorepacific's Moisture Bound: Rejuvenating Serum... Not only does it do what the above says, but it focuses on giving my skin LOTS of hydration!

How I use it:
I use 1-2 pumps and pat onto my fingertips... Then, I massage onto my face! Easy-Peasy!

Fifth Step: Eye Cream

So if you're young like me (hee hee) you may think...WHY THE HECK DO I NEED AN EYE CREAM!? The answer ladies and gentlemen is PREVENTION! It will maintain your youthful peepers, and if you have more mature skin... it will get rid of lines, crow's feet, dark spots, and age spots!

For my peepers, I like to use Amorepacific's Moisture Bound's: Intensive Vitalizing Eye Complex. Made with pure Green Tea Caffeine, This little beauty helps to boost the circulation under your eyes, which means... dark circles vanish! What's really nice about this is that you can apply it to the ENTIRE eye area... I'm talking under eyes, brow bone, lid, and everywhere in between! Another nice fact about this product is that it starts working immediately, so models will use this before photo shoots!

How I use it:
I use 1 pump on my fingertips and apply it over my ENTIRE eye!

Next for my eyes, (YES I use 2 eye creams! haha!!) I use AmorePacific's Moisture Bound: Rejuvenating Eye Treatment Gel. I like to use two eye creams because the Intensive Vitalizing Eye Complex, helps get rid of dark circles... While the Rejuvenating Eye Treatment Gel helps maintain and preserve my wrinkle free eyes!

How I use it:
I take a pea size amount and use that for BOTH of my eyes. Gently pat the eye cream on top of the orbital bone only! (If you apply eye creams too high, they have oils in it that can spread and irate you and make anything you have going on there worse!) I apply it from my nose to my brow.

Sixth Step: Moisturize

Moisturizer is great for preventing or correcting your skin's radiance, youthfulness, and overall appearance. Not to mention, this is going to be your main hydration source.

For my moisturizer, I use Amorepacific's Moisture Bound: Refreshing Hydra Gel. Its oil free which is perfect for my combination skin... not to mention I live in NYC and the humidity in the summer is CRAZY! So this is a light-weight gel texture, which leaves my skin cool and hydrated.

How I use it:
I apply a pea sized amount (yes people, a pea size amount will cover your ENTIRE face! The products are SUPER active... so we always say "less is more..." A little bit goes a long way and if you apply too much, you're pretty much just wasting product... not to mention, this baby should last you 7-9 months. {You could have a baby by the time you're done with this! haha}) On to my fingertips, and massage onto my skin.

AND THAT'S IT! HAHAH!!! It's a lot of steps, but once you get use to using every day... it goes by SUPER FAST! And you may be thinking... WON'T ALL OF THESE PRODUCTS CLOG MY PORES! and the answer is NO! The products are so gentle, and work together... instead of just doing their "own thing." Plus, you really only need the smallest amount!

And if you're thinking I am using and doing this blog just because I work at Amorepacific, it is SO NOT TRUE! I DO use these products and only these for my face every day! I've never used anything like it! Amorepacific is NOT paying me to write this blog ( I wish they would! hahaha ) and they have no idea I'm even writing this! I just honestly love these prodcuts, and I want you all to have beautiful skin too! 

What is YOUR daily skin regimen, and what are some of your favorite products and why? Write below... I'd like to know! (haha, that rhymes!)

Soaking my troubles away, your Katie.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Please vote for me!

Holy Cow! I entered into Maxim's gamer girl contest that they are having!

I've always loved playing video games, ever since I was younger. I remember playing Mario and holding the controller upside down and not relalizing why I coulnd't play correctly... yes... game rage would come out!

Learning how to properly control the controller, I found my love of tomb raider, Kingdom hearts 1 and 2, mario, donkey kong, dead space 2, fallout, metal gear solid, and so many more!

Anywho, I entered into Maxims contest and I even went to their open casting call! It was AMAZING! I had to answer questions in front of a camera and got to play nyan cat! How fun!

Anyway... PLEASE VOTE FOR ME! It would mean the world to me!!
Click here to vote!

Also, you can see my hysterical video entry here: Clicky for the video

Your gamer, Katie

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Blog Apperication Award

Many thanks to Melissa M. For giving me a blog apperication award on her blog
Budget Beauty Banshee

And I'd like to thank all my friends who made this possible.... haha! just kidding! although, I do love my friends.

I thought this was such a great idea, and super exciting because I feel like NO ONE reads my blog. haha, it's okay... I'll just talk to myself! It was great to feel like someone actually reads it. Thanks Melissa!!

Go check out her blog, she is the cute-seyest!!! And She makes youtube videos also! WOO HOO!

On to MY award questions:

Here are the rules of the Award:
1)      Thank the person who gave you the award with their blog link on your post.
2)      Answer the following 4 questions.
3)      Award the Blogger Appreciation Award to as many readers/commenters/supporters/followers as you’d like.
4) Let the blogger know you've just awarded them, either through leaving a comment, a tweet, an email, etc..
Now onto the questions: 
1)      How long have you been blogging?
2)      What are 1-2 reasons why you started blogging.
3)      What types of blogs do you like to follow/read?
4)      What is 1 thing you would like to improve on as a blogger/on your blog?
My Answers:
1) For a reallylong time! I had a few other old blogs but, being myself... I've never kept up with them, I'm really trying now! haha
2) well, I've always love creative writing, dazzle that with some love for beauty, fashion, social media and a dash of boredum.... and BAM! A blog is born! haha 
3) Fashion blogs! makeup blogs and hair blogs! daily life blogs
4) Consistancy, more reviews, more makeup realted
I want to give this award to:
My sister!  Mommys footsteps


This was such a great and fun idea!I hope you all do this too!!!

SUPER EXCITED and shocked people ACTUALLY read this thing, Katie

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Very Happy Birthday!

Today happens to be my cousins birthday! He turns 26 today! Hooray!

I remember being young and growing up with him. He always made me laugh so hard, he's the funniest person I know!

I think I feel so close to him also, because our parents are brother and sister, and they both passed away from the same blood disease. He knows what it's like to lose a parent and so do I. I know I can always talk to him about anything and always have him there to make me feel better if I'm upset. He really is one of my best friends and I'm so happy that he lives with me! Now I can laugh all day long! ha ha! Plus, He is my boyfriends best friend! that's how I got to meet Jessy! hee hee!

Happy birthday Matt! I hope you have the best day ever, your dad would be so proud of you!

Blood is thicker than water, Katie

Sunday, March 25, 2012

A few of my favorite things

These are some of my favorite beauty products that I've been using on a daily basis. I've been in a really simple makeup funk, which I like... especially when I have to go to work and don't have time to add 10 pounds of makeup to my face.

For the Peepers:

1) I've been obsessing over the YSL Eyeliner Effect Faux Cils in the color Black.
It's a really nice cream liner that goes on super dark and super smooth!!!

2) For the Lashes I love (and have for a while) is Loreal's Voluminous Original Mascara in Black. A few coats of this sucker and BAM! thick long lashes!

For the Fatcha:

3) For the Face I've discovered AmorePacific's Skin Renewal Foundation in shade 102. Leaves my skin looking flawless, and radiant.

4) For the Blush I love Makeup forever's eyeshadow/blush

This is NOT the color I use for blush, but it was the only picture I can find! haha! I use a bright Orange + Hot Pink color... I know what you're thinking.... WHY WOULD SHE PUT THOSE COLORS ON HER FACE!? but trust me, it actually turns out to be a beautiful Coral shade.

5) For my Brows I use Anastia's beverly Hills - brows in bloom set. I really only use the brown shade to the right, and it doesn't nearly look as pretty as in the picture! haha

For the Puckers:
6) I've been using AmorePacific's lip treatment... it's clear, but give your lips a natural rosey glow, with no irratation.... and it's not sticky!

And that's all I've been pretty much using for my lazy days! haha
Yours lazely, Katie

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dancing My Heart Out!

I found this really old post that I did on my old blog and thought I would share it. If you're feeling down, I hope this lifts your spirits!

Dancing my heart out...

Ever since I was little I've always danced. Whether it was dancing to my mom's taste in music that I've heard her playing on a Saturday, The ever so popular music in the 90s, the early stages of the "new millennium" music, the more recent music, or just marching to the beat of my own drum... I can always remember me dancing. Not very well mind you, but dancing none the less.

I feel like it's one of the best ways to express yourself, get over a bad break up, give yourself energy, or just make you or someone else feel better when their sad. Music is such a great form of expression as well; What else really knows what you're feeling at that exact moment then a love song, or "going out with my friends tonight to have fun" kind of songs? Oh Sinead O' Conner has known how broken my heart has been, just like the black eyed peas "had a feeling" that I was gonna have a good night.

I've always been the one to march to the beat of my own drum, not caring what people think... just like my mother always use to say: "as long as you're not hurting anyone, why does it matter!?" In JR. high school, and high school... people didn't always understand... I always got... "You're always happy, it's not normal!!!!!" "are you high? are you on drugs?" "calm down... you shouldn't be so happy" But I've still always remained to be myself, and now... that's what I get the most compliments on. A lot of the times, most people are afraid to be themselves... but I say be yourself, you are unique in every way!!!!!!!!

I hope that any troubles you have can easily be washed away by dancing the night away... and if you have to, why not try dancing in the rain?

This is my dancing collab audition outtake...

Dancing to the beat of my own drum, Katie

Monday, March 12, 2012

A trip to Yester-Year...

I've always loved those witty vintage "ads" you know the ones where you see a beautiful pinup woman and there's a witty remark attached to the photo... such as (the parents are in a car) and the quote is: "BYE KIDS! WE'LL BE BACK WHEN HELL FREEZES OVER!"

SO low-behold, I present


I thought since everyone and their mother is on facebook now-a-days we'd start off with:

And don't forget about youtube!

Twitter too!

But what about those witty remarks you may ask?

Take that men! haha
I really pray that poster is just a joke!

HAHA I love this one:

I wish life was like this still... where the woman got really dressed up, even to do just housework... maybe not all the cons that came with that era... but.. fashion wise and craftsmanship... yes!

Back when hell freezes over! Katie.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Short and Sweet

Just Checking in today, and letting you know what I did!

I entered the "Be the next beauty guru" contest on the destination channel on youtube! (boy, that was a mouthful!)

It was so tough getting the entire video to fitinto 4 minutes! (that was the max.time allowed)
Orignally, I filmed everything, face, eyes, lips....and couldn't fit everything so i just settled for the eyes! ha ha

The grand prize winner recieves a trip for two to NYC ( I already live here haha, they could now save on air fare if I won!) trip to the loreal studio, spa visit, 2nd place gets a year supply of loreal makeup!

Here's the video:

Finger Crossed! Katie

Thursday, February 2, 2012

To all mothers out there working hard for their families

For those of you reading this that don't know, My mother passed away from cancer after having it for a wopping 27 days in 2006. I've always heard the expression: "you never get over it, you just get use to it." and it is so true! After 5 years, the pain isn't hurting as much, I go on about my life...but every now and then it'll hit me that she's really gone, And I'll hurt all over again.


Today while workinhg, a woman was on the phone with her daughter aruging that her daughter could not come home early from school, and it made me miss my momma so much. I thought the mother was absolutly right in not letting her daughter come home. ( The girl wanted to come home because her friend was being mean to her) The mother told her "I'm sorry that this is happening to you, but you can't come home everytime someone is mean to you, what happens when you work and you need money... but someone is being mean? If you always go home you'll get fired."

So, I thought about my mother today as I do everyday... but today was a special memory... I thought about all the times my momma cared for me, picked me up from school when I was ill, or even told me "no, you're not sick enough to come home.", bought me surprises home after she would come home from work, when she yell for me to come into her bedroom making it sound urgent when I was doing something important and would say "what, mom?" and she would reply: "I just wanted to say that I love you."

I miss my momma so much, she's the strongest, nicest person I know, she is my rock and my guiding light.

Love from my heart to yours,  Your Katie